Digital Collage: Juan Guzman


In my collage, I chose to use primarily digital search engines. These search engines include the public domain of sites like Google, Bing and Flickr. The piece was composed and helps the audience move through the composition through color contrast. The colors of the cars (black and white) are create a balance between the bright hues of the Gameboy and the Space Jam sign. The size and overlap of the images are place to create a unified form and establish their significance to this 90s style of collage. I hope that the readers see the importance of all the components of the piece.

Project 1 Rough DTC 201

The Great 90s By Juan Guzman

Every part can contribute to the collage as a whole. The Nissan GTR (gray car) is an iconic Japanese import car that was widely popular in the car world during the early 90s. Shakur Tupac was arguably the most influential rapper of that decade; and The Gameboy was adored by many 90s kids growing up and extended into the early 2000’s. I hope this collage is more than a bunch of random 90s images on a white and purple background but that it can also provide a sense of nostalgia. This collage is what I can consider to be a few things of the 90s that were enjoyed by many at the time, but can are also enjoyed today. As far as its process, I believe that the quick selection tool and the eraser were the most important tools used. I used the alt + scroll tool a lot to zoom manually and erase any un wanted areas of color or imperfections. I used some shift frequently to resize the images and try and find what worked best by also rotating the images. I spent a lot of time angling and aligning the images to try and create a dynamic that leads the viewers to all parts. I believe that this work could possibly be made with images from magazines, books and print outs to really catch that 90s feel. If it were to be reproduced in another form I would use more vintage 90s colors like yellows, and pinks. The collage from my last blog really did influence me for this project, which is why some of the photos have a little ‘older’ effect to them. I really did enjoy doing this project on photoshop, and this makes good practice for future projects.


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