Digital Collage: Jenna Walker

For my digital collage, the background image is a photo that I took of Seattle near Post Alley and the others come from google and pixabay. I chose these images because I wanted to create something that could potentially be real but is also explicitly fake. I believe direction is a big element in this photo because I wanted the artists to look like they were all walking different ways, which also plays in to the size of the artists as well


Stayin’ Trippy in Seattle by Jenna Walker

because to make it seem like they were either close or far was determined on the size of them. With Travis Scott and Mac Miller, you can tell that they are closer because you can’t see their legs, whereas A$AP Ferg is looked to be farther away because of the size of his body compared to the others and you can see more of his legs. There is also contrast in this photo compared to the street behind them and the background used for the sky. I believe the background creates this euphoria and allows the audience to create different interpretation of the photo. Using all these artists creates a harmony throughout this photo, Mac Miller plays a big part because he recently just passed, but it stills shows that he is a part of the Seattle music scene as well as the others. As for how the eye moves throughout this collage, I feel like the eyes are directly pulled in to the background because it is out of the ordinary. Then it would move to A$AP Ferg because he is in the center of the three artists, then to Travis Scott and finally Mac Miller. I hope my audience interprets this collage as an appreciation of music and the music industry. These artists are very well known and have all performed in Seattle or the Washington area at some point. What this collage means to me is that no matter where they go or what they do they are people that have a heavy impact on their listeners. This collage can trigger memories for people simply because they are fans of the artists’ music in this photo. The tools used were, magnetic lasso, layering, adjusting the opacity, and resizing the images of the artists in the collage. This collage did need to be constructed digitally because if it wasn’t, wouldn’t flow as well together. Creating this digitally versus another method allowed me to be more creative with the message I was trying to convey.

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