Digital Collage: Josue Cuevas


The imagery for my collage are images that represent my culture and what I grew up loving. Each image has it’s purpose and special meaning to my heart that’s why I choose them specifically. With the Mexican food in the corner represents the great food that comes out of my culture and food that I grew up eating. I decided to put three different icons from Mexican culture. First is Vicente Fernandez in the bottom left corner and he is the most iconic out of everyone in the collage. He is the most famous Mexican music artist of all time and he specializes in Mariachi music the distinct style of music from Mexico. On the other side there is Roberto Gomez Bolanos and he was an actor, producer, director, and writer of tv shows. He made some of the most famous characters in latin tv where his shows and characters where spread across all of Latin America. Above him I put a sports icon from the sport of boxing and that is Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. He is one of the greatest boxers of all time and definitely one of the greatest Mexican athletes of all time. The four cards are from the most famous Mexican board game I grew up playing with my family. The background is of course the Mexican flag which is incredible. I really hope people get a sense of what makes my culture special and why I love it so much. This is why I’m proud to be Mexican some of these items make me who I am. The tools I used from photoshop were the lasso tool, quick selection, eraser tool and I used a little of the spot healing tool as well. This collage did not need to be made digitally this kind of collage could’ve easily be made the old school collage way, like back when in middle school cutting up magazines and gluing them to a board.

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