Digital Collage: Christian Solovey

  1.  These Images appear from Day N Night festival (2017), I attend a lot of music festivals and concerts and happened to take this image while in the crow of Travis Scott’s performanSolovey-Christian-project-01-hi-resce. I chose these images because of my passion for music and witnessing artist’s perform live. With that, I always like to use my own images, paintings, hand constructed items when creating any sort of piece; whether it is for class or for something personal, and I thought this imaged captured what artists don’t like seeing at there shows, everyone on their phones
  2. Repetition and direction are used heavily in this photo. The stacking of layers (people) in a circular fashion lead the eyes around the photo then to the empty center. Texture is in this photo as well, I burned the inside of the image with a lighter then tore and taped over ripped edges to make the poster seem more authentic.
  3. I will hope viewers view this image as a creative/unique way of someone telling them to get off their phone and enjoy life. This photo means a lot to me because it came very organically and similar but not perfect to what I had in mind. I titled this piece “what is your purpose? because I certainly do not believe that it is for us to be taking pictures/videos of everything and posting them, because what do they matter anyway.
  4. Selecting and masking were pretty much all I needed to use in the photoshop application.
  5. Yes, I needed to use a scanner to really compose the full image and add and take away things with the masking tool, however the deconstruction of the image with fire, tares, and tape needed to be done without a computer.
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