Digital Collage: Kameryn Skillingstad

Collage created by Kameryn Skillingstad

  1. My collage started with an image of the sky, in the clouds, then I slowly added picture of squirrels, a gumball machine filled it with nuts, and pennies laying around. I chose these images to create a humorous yet dream like feel to the collage.
  2. Color is a prominent element present in my collage, the yellow and purple hues of the sky draw the eyes attention. Along with color, the contrast of the squirrels and nut machine against the white cloudy background make the squirrels stand out. Also, I think my piece has balance because the nut machine is in the middle amongst the clouds and the squirrels and pennies lay around it which creates a nice balanced collage. Lastly, I have repetition of all the squirrels which creates interest in the viewer.
  3. I hope viewers interpret this collage as a piece that is light hearted and humorous. While creating this piece I was inspired by the scene in Ice Age of the squirrel running through squirrel heaven to find his nut and I put my twist on that idea. To me this piece resembles that everyone, or every animal, can find their happy place.
  4. While creating this piece I used quick selection to cut all my objects from different pictures, eraser tool to erase the left-over background from my images, layers and masks to insert the items I cut into my sky background, adjusting the brightness to make the items look like they fit better with the background, and the move tool to adjust where all my objects are.
  5. I think this piece could have been drawing by someone who is a very skilled artist, however I don’t believe it would have the same dream like effect had it been created any other way than digitally.
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