Digital Collage: Aidan Aumell

For my Digital Collage assignment, I decided to use a majority of my own photos for the college because it was a more meaningful experience creating the collage. All the images of humans in this photograph are my actually friends from my high school and I thought they would all fit perfectly in this college because of the emotions they are displaying.  The background of Earth in space is the only photo I used from an Online source, and it came directly from NASA. I thought this photo would work well with the overall theme of the image.Throughout the collage, elements and principles of design are seen in many different aspects of the project. To start there is a great balance between the sun and the black hole at the top of the collage. Both images contrast well, with one image being brighter then the other. This is probably my favorite part of my collage because it took me awhile to figure out the prefect ratio from light to dark. The man walking in the middle on the collage in my opinion creates a great amount of harmony throughout the collage. It almost looks like he is about to walk into space itself and I think this effect crates harmony with the entire universe. Also, the size of the earth fits perfectly with the size of the man walking in the middle. It flows very well together, and it makes my eye focus on where the man is walking to.

I hope that when people see this collage they interpret as seeing a very trippy and out of this world photo. Most people wouldn’t recognize the ancient sacred geometric symbol of the flower of life, but it appears twice in this photo. If you know the background knowledge of the Flower of life, then you would know it’s a very spiritual symbol and supposedly there is a connection with this symbol to how the world and us came to be. So, after knowing all that, I created this collage to show that my friend is not just walking into space or the unknown. He is walking to find spirituality and the truth about everything. There is two sides towards his final destination, achieving spirituality or getting sucked into a black hole which ultimately relates to failure. The tool I used most throughout my collage was the magnetic lasso tool. It was very useful for cropping out images of humans. I used the eraser tool after the magnetic lasso tool to clean up the image. I also used some blending effect with the images in the sky. Specifically, the stroke effect and blighting the darkness of the flower of life symbol in the sun. The smug tool and blur tool worked well with forest trail going through the middle of the collage. I wanted to make the forest trail look like it was blended with the earth and that tool really helped with that.

This image could have been made non-digitally, but I would have been really hard to make all the images flow together well without using any blending tools that a computer offers. This collage was all inspired from digital photos besides the flower of life symbol. I actually drew that symbol and took a picture of it to use in my college. Sacred geometry had a large influence in this piece.



Created by Aidan Aumell, September 28th


About aidanaumell

My name is Aidan Aumell and I am from Sammamish Washington.I have a brother who is 21 and goes to Western. In my free time I like to play soccer, Watch TV, hangout with friends, or go to raves. My mom went to WSU and that one of the reasons I came to school here.
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