Digital Collage: Luke Schauble

This Is a collage showing and university building, sitting on an island, and a city way off in the island with no way to get there.                           By Luke Schauble

For my collage, I wanted to create something that showed one of the things that I find important. Something that I believe to be true, and most importantly, something that impacts the world around us in a serious way. The defining images I used in this collage, were of a university building, an island surrounded by water, a broken boat, sinking in the water, and in the background, a faded out city skyline. I used these images because I wanted to show my belief that there is a disconnect between going to college, learning the information and material that will help us in our careers, and the actual real world where we go out and use what we’ve learned. The broken boat is used to show that there is a way to connect these two things and make our way into the real world, however, it is placed outside the school to show that what we need to make that connection is not taught in school.


The elements of design that I used to create this collage are mainly size, and value. Size is used when looking at the city skyline in the background of the collage. The city appears large in comparison to the university building in the foreground, almost towering over and “looking down” upon the school building. This is done to show the difference in the unique problems and solutions to those problems that occur in school. It shows that when you transition into the working world, the information you learned in college, is only a small piece of being successful in your career. Value is also a important part of this collage when looking at the differences in lightness and darkness, between the city skyline, and the island with the universityy building is on it. The brightness of the island and university building shows the promises that university’s make about preparing you for work in your specific field, comparative to the darkness of the city showing that in my opinion, no amount of preparation in college will actually prepare you for the challenges that the working world has in store.

On a more surface level, there were many tools that helped me to create this collage, and make it look as “blended together” as I could. The 3 lasso tools were used extensively throughout the collage. For example, the polygonal lasso tool was used to help cut the unnecessary parts out of the city skyline. Because of the many straight lines on the buildings and even on the university building, this tool worked perfectly for that. Oddly enough, I also found myself using the smudge tool a lot. The biggest challenge I faced, was getting the city skyline and the trees and bushes to blend seamlessly as to make them look like they were not separate images pasted into one. The smudge tool helped me to blend the skyline with the tops of the trees. Although it was not a perfect job, because the city skyline is translucent, it was a good enough job that anyone viewing the collage on paper, would not be able to tell without be told. These tools did definitely help me to create this collage with much more ease, but it could have been done by hand. Although the shrubbery would have been difficult to cut out, and you cannot make a real life image “translucent”, it would have been possible to do.


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