History of Collage & Photomontage: Brianna Esqueda

The World at Weekend is a collage crafted from scissors and glue from 46-year old Matthias Jung. His work is easily recognizable for his style of combining dream like landscapes with ornately architecture. His use of negative space plays to the effect of the open landscapes he uses as his background. The background of the piece consists of two main colors, a washed out blue and muted brown. Contrast, in many forms, is highly present in this work. The shapes of the building are refined and symmetrical which is highlighted and intensified against the expansive space presented in the background. Jung also manipulates shapes and the fluidity of the ones eye movement across the piece by including a stark line with the use of the natural horizon juxtaposed to the circular, industrial looking, platforms upon which the buildings rest.

Although the two worlds from which the image stems are different, they translate with cohesion. I find this to be indicative of Jung’s color selection as well as the value of the color he prefers to use. Almost every detail in the collage exists within the same intensity of light and brightness. Only subtle things, like the trees and windows, stand out against the pastel colors. There is also a great sense of unity in the collage. Aside from that fact that there is a literal Venn diagram in the image, the special awareness of height and size relativity of the two buildings brings forth a balances front. The crisp lines that form the intricate grooves and indents of the buildings are not over powering, yet still prominently displayed. The piece also has a logical understanding of space in relation to distance. The buildings seem proportionate to one another as well as from the perceived point of distanced that the viewer is looking at the piece. It eliminates distraction and allows one to interpret the image for its ethereal obscurity rather than its improbability of existence. Matthias Jung clearly understands the appeal of unique balance and effervescent ease that attracts the eye, and it is for these reasons that I personally greatly enjoyed The World at Weekend.

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