Texture: Bryan Duran

Texture is something we see in everything around us. As it sad in the text, “Texture in our environment to help us understand the nature of things.” When I think of texture I automatically think of something rough, something dealing with natural texture. For example, tree bark. The rough edges that tree bark has gives the texture a better visual in depth to see the outer layers that it has. The texture splits in every direction and gives anything a better life like, yet rough feel to the human eye.


Photo image of my bedroom wall. Photo taken by myself using an iPhone.

Another example of Texture is a wall. In this case, I will use the texture on my bedroom walls. The texture is both visual and physical. In the photo you can see the texture that it has. If you feel the wall, you can easily feel the rough, rock like texture that it has. Seeing it through a visual aspect you can grasp the roughness of the material that the wall is made off.  Even though the color of the wall is white, you can easily see the rough patches of the image and how they make the wall stand out. You could almost say it has a low contrast and high delicate grain.


Photo of an art sculpture that was made into a cross. The artist is my uncle Juanlisandro Urias Alvarado, who happens to be my uncle.The images were carved into the cross. Photo taken by myself using an iPhone.

This image is a cross that was given to me by my uncle. He is also the one who made the cross. I zoomed into the image to capture the texture of the cross better. As you can see the images were carved into the cross. Through the visual image you can clearly see the concrete texture thats established in the making of this object. There is a combination of textures that come from the carving, the paint to give it a shine look, and tactual texture of the wooden cross itself. At the same time you can see the smoothness that certain parts of the cross has. Through the image you can imagine how rough certain parts of the cross, the detail that was put to give the cross the fine texture in parts as well as the roughness of the details. There are different carvings, different lines and shapes to give the images a rough layer to be able to stand out the human eye.

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