Texture: Claire Martin

Photo of sailboats in Birttany, France taken by Claire Martin, July 2016.

The photo I am currently planning to use for project one is a photo I took back in 2016 of sailboats in Brittany, France. The three sail boats can be seen as focal points within the image as they draw the eye. The sails all have horizontal black lines within them in addition the harsh lines they create against the background. The land in the photo also acts as a line, separating the rough water and the smooth sky. The sails act as planes because they appear to be two dimensional in nature due to the angle at which the photograph was take. The white fluffy clouds stand out against the seamless blue of the sky. The water has a very rough texture in this image due to the waves. Additionally, the trees in the background have a very organic, uneven texture which stands out against the blue of the sky. The sails stand out as well due to their smooth, geometric nature against the rough waves. It’s interesting to compare the scale of the sail boats to both each other and different objects within the image. While all three sailboats were of relatively similar size, their position and distance from the photographer makes them appear to be very different sizes. They also appear to be very large compared to some of the houses in the background due to the same factors. The transparency of the sails is interesting as well as the closest sail appears darker while those in the background appear brighter. The transparency of the clouds also contributes to their interesting texture and patches of dark and light.

Photo of a chandelier at Versailles taken by Claire Martin, July 2016.

The photo on the right is of the charms on a chandelier. The faces of the glass charms act as planes because they at times appear almost 2-dimensional. The clarity and transparency of the charms provides interesting layers within the charms themselves and draws the eye. The lighting of the photograph illuminates the outline of the charm creating contrast between the transparent inside and the bright exterior line. To capture this image, I zoomed in on a chandelier at Versailles, meaning that while the charms appear quite large, they are actually rather small in scale. The position of the chandelier in combination with the position of the photographer makes certain charms appear larger that others when in actuality they are all the same size. The glass charms in this image are very smooth and as a result very reflective as well. The focal point of this image is the charms off to the left that appear to be a bluish-white, due to their bright color against the dark background of the image. There is also quite a bit of contrast between the bright chandelier charms, the dark background, and the brass of the fixture.

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