Texture: Clara Mui

Texture helps us recognize objects and relate to images we see in print, physical and visual. It is truly amazing how we can feel the image when we cannot even touch the actual object or material being shown in the image, just colors could make us get a feel of coldness or warmth, even emotions like jealousy and passion. Here are a picture that you will be able to feel because you would be able to relate from past experience.

Pine cone on cardigan. Photographed by Clara Mui

This is a photo of a pine cone on a cotton cardigan. The pine cone feels very woody, warm and has a sense of roughness on the edges of it. While the cardigan looks very soft and fluffy, but the color grey gives it a touch of cold feel. The pattern on the pine cone seems very repetitive, but it is actually layers of unique scales with small cracks on each of them to give it a sense of unity. The cardigan on the other hand, is mono-tone and made of cotton threads so thin there isn’t much patterns to be found here. Thus creating a smoother looking surface and a unison feel.

The cardigan has a very fluffy surface so it does not reflect much light, but with the pine cone’s woody yet oddly smooth texture, it’s quite reflective and looks somewhat shiny.

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