History of Collage & Photomontage: Emmalina Krist

Artist Clover Robin replicates the environment and scenery on her travels through collage (photo from My Modern MET).

Clover Robin is an English artist that uses elements and principles of design to replicate her surroundings while traveling into small collages. On her road trips, Robin presumably does not have access to methods for altering photos digitally, so she is limited to using paper and other materials to manually create pieces. The artist’s collages were done in a small sketchbook, possibly due to the fact that much of her collage-making was done in the small space of the passenger’s seat of a car; this way all of the pieces would be easily portable and kept together neatly.

Robin uses a number of elements and principles of design in her creation of the above piece. For example, the light and dark colors, which visually appear to carry different weight, seem to be evenly distributed between the two halves of the collage, creating an even balance that is pleasing to the eye. The mountains are relatively smooth and lack sharp, aggressive edges, giving them a visual texture that feels calm and soft. These are contrasted with the sharp, straight edges and dark value of the road, the line of which draws the viewer’s eye from the bottom of the page up, which would recreate the direction that Clover’s car would be traveling in if she were driving toward the mountains.

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