History of Collage and Photomontage: Brandon Bliesner

From what I have read about the method used by this artist, it involved using shapes of cut-and-glued color, and free-floating, painted lines. In this form of abstract expressionism, artists added layers upon layers to create a dimensional feeling in their artworks. The one I have chosen, titled “City Verticals” by Lee Krasner does just that, utilizing paper and other materials to create this very interesting artwork. This piece was created in 1953, and so given that this was an age which did not have computers, I can understand why Krasner chose to use paper. It was simply the easiest material for him to come by, so why not utilize that? In today’s age of technology, I could create something very similar to this in Photoshop. Although it would not have the same textural look, it would be possible to recreate the jagged lines and shaped with editing software. On another note, I do appreciate the artist’s creativity in creating this piece. With the direction of the objects being dominantly vertical, I have found this piece to be visually appealing. To explain further, many lines are vertical but in the same instance, every object is unique and so there is not a feeling of dull repetition. Rather, the tasteful repletion seems to be happening on purpose. In my opinion, I feel that the artist has left this piece entirely up for interpretation. I can see how someone might see this as “City Verticals”, but I can also imagine someone believing that the piece is simply a collage of material. In either regard, this piece is very intriguing, which may be due to the colors the artist has used. The blues, yellows, blacks, and skin tones make the piece well put-together. There is definitely a lot going on, but everything is in harmony.

Lee Krasner - City Verticals

Lee Krasner, “City Verticals” (1953) https://mymodernmet.com/collage-art-collage/2/



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