History of Collage & Photomontage: Milo Larson

Lee creates a depth effect using shading and sizing of the individual walkways. (Lee, 2013)

The artist, Jiyen Lee, creates mesmerizing digital photographs by repeating and overlapping photos of walkways. This unique style of digital art can confuse the viewer because of the seamless transition between the layers. At first glance, you are unable to tell which way the people on the walkway are traveling. Lee creates these pictures in a way to make them seem endless and appear to have no beginning or end.

This is an abstract image of various walkways traveling in different directions. (Lee, 2013)

The ability for the artist to create his art digitally, on programs such as Photoshop and illustrator, make up the majority of these artists work. If Lee were to attempt to use a cut-and-paste method to make the same kinda of artwork, it would not have the same effect on an audience. This would also create a different style of artwork because there would be a clear separation between each of the walkways.

These images share similar tools and effects to deceive the human eye. Lee uses contrast and value to create a depth effect within the image. Also, all of the individual pieces of the collage are the same so the use of repetition creates a balanced feel across the digital photograph. Lastly, color and size of shapes plays a major role is his style of artwork. Size can help create a depth effect and show what layers sit on the surface of the image while color draws the eyes to whatever the artist wants the viewer to focus on.

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