Texture: Cassidy Ward


These are all images I am interested in using for the illustrator texture project. For the first one there is a huge color contrast between the light rocks and the dark rocks which I think would a cool image to recreate in illustrator. However, the issue is that the texture of the large amount of rocks in the image seem like it could be hard to recreate the bumps that appear from the individual rocks. In addition, the sunflower would be a cool image to recreate in illustrator because of the different texture of the inside of the flower, then the petals, and lastly the leafs. However, the image does not show the depth of the texture within the flower which could be an issue when actually creating the texture in illustrator. Lastly, I thought the image of the bricks would be a good image to recreate because of the different in light and dark within the brick itself, the indents within the bricks single texture, and then the lines separating the bricks.

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