History of Collage & Photomontage: Kaleb Parrish

The photo that I chose for Blog post #2 was a collage in the reading Exploring the Cutting-Edge History and Evolution of Collage Art by John Turck. The artist John Turck seems to create unique collages by hand while creating this continuous and smoothly blend of elements mixing of architecture, nature, and pop culture. He mentions that he likes to collect a bunch of photo collage materials from books or magazines and stores them for later use. I could imagine that it takes some time for his creative juices to flow so by storing future masterpieces, seems like a smart thing to do. Just seeing Turck’s work, I get this feeling that his artwork is inspired by the era that he grew up in, especially since magazines and books were truly considered entertainment before technology started booming. The fact that each design he creates, seems to have very little hard lines, except in

One of John Turck;’s collages taken from Exploring the Cutting-Edge History and Evolution of Collage Art in July 2017. https://mymodernmet.com/collage-art-collage/2/

the photo that he used, the line looks more like a creative puzzle piece.


John Turck’s main goal as an artist is to design pieces of artwork through his books and magazines and try to make them look as if they were made digitally. And by digitally, we mean a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Because of this old-school process that Turck’s uses on his slightly-vintage look art, each collage helps various worlds come together creating no sense of time. This helps viewers of all ages feel a part of the surreal world with pop culture, unusual symbols, making users want to digest the artworks representation and hidden wonders. The whole collage itself reminds me of a mix of the past and the future, like a hidden gem. From the space and what appears to be a planet, to the comets shooting across, to the fisherman fishing in a man-made lake, gives us this level of thinking outside the box with creativity. If someone said that this photo was going to turn out this way, I wouldn’t believe it unless on digital software (Photoshop). But the fact that it is built upon images and images, that is crazy yet very artistic.

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