History of Collage & Photomontage: Aidan Aumell

John Turck is a collage artist who created this piece of art. Turck methods he uses to creates these collages include him cutting out images from books and magazines. He doesn’t have a direct purpose for selecting images, just picks images that would mix well with other images. The final product of mixing the images together is a piece of art that looks like it has been digitally created with a computer. This is the desired appeal that John Turck goes from in his creations.

Some of the photos that Trucks selects for his collages are very futuristic and bring off a space age effect to the piece of art.  Improved technology was big influence for these magazines putting these photos in their content. As cameras and editing software evolves, the content becomes more creative, and better overall quality. These photos that the magazines produce are perfect for Turck re-creations art pieces because of the special effects that it gives to the viewer.

The fact that John Turcks doesn’t use any digital tools with his artwork is remarkable because of how closely his artwork looks digitized. His lack of tools he uses to create his artwork completely affects the way I interpret the composition. The various images blend together perfectly to create perfect balance and harmony throughout the piece of art. The use of lines, shapes, and colors helps bring unity from the top of the page down. His placement of the Boat and the planet above the water really helps balance out all the colliding imagery. His placement of shapes and lines are critical to how the piece of art is perceived. For example, the bottom of the image consists numerous Horizontal lines going through the water. The top of the image is a huge vertical line of asteroids going through space. Combining these two types of lines helps creates balance to the piece of art and brings off the vibe that there is unity between the serval images being used for the collage.

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This collage demonstrates John Turcks ability to make collages without any use of digital technology and editing programs. Turck takes the Contemporary Approach to creating this piece of art. ( “Intricately Handmade Collages Offer a Seamless View of Otherworldly Scenes” by John Turck)

About aidanaumell

My name is Aidan Aumell and I am from Sammamish Washington.I have a brother who is 21 and goes to Western. In my free time I like to play soccer, Watch TV, hangout with friends, or go to raves. My mom went to WSU and that one of the reasons I came to school here.
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