History of Collage and Photo Montage: Angelo Timbol

Contemporary art has always been about the present and whatever commentaries are occurring during the present. Technology is a growing facet within society, and the advances taken with technology have streamlined so many processes. One of the benefits reaped from technology, is the streamlining of the creative process, more specifically the creative process that contemporary artists undergo. With the introduction of editing programs and photoshop-esque editing, the present-day concept of contemporary art found its way from the piece to the artistic process. Simply put, art depicting present day concepts is now being created with present day methods.

Eugenia Loli is an artist that uses different, more technological methods to convey classic art styles. Her contemporary collages and pieces depict scenes that pay homage to classic art, advertising, and fashion; she demonstrates a seamless transition of traditional methods and more nuanced methods of art. Many of her pieces share similarities and themes, giving her an almost indistinguishable artistic style. Aside from the overall quality and visual appeal of her work, what fascinates me about Loli’s work is how she creates these pieces. Such masterful use of color, dimensions, and contrast requires impeccable technique and the proper tools. Artists such as Loli, bridge the gap between traditional art concepts and modern technological techniques.

DTC 201 Blog 2 Pic

Quarryman by Eugenia Loli via Google Images 

Loli’s skillfulapplication of artistic techniques is only strengthened by the technology she is using. Making the themes she is trying to convey more apparent and meaningful. Vibrant colors provide a distinction of elements within her pieces, making it so audiences appreciating her art can see all of the parts incorporated. In her piece “Quarryman”, Loli delivers a vibrant floral theme, conveying uniqueness between the four figures depicted. Her use of photo editing and color correction help make the Beatles inspired outfits pop. In essence, this piece represents a theme common throughout her work. This piece is a representation of the leaps taken in improving the creative process. In order to convey the contemporary concepts her art insights, she uses traditional imagery improved upon by modern techniques. Loli’s art is masterfully crafted, and is done with a technological finesse.




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