History of Collage & Photomontage: Andy Snow

The art piece that I decided to reflect on was Rosalyn Drexler’s The Dream (1963). I chose this picture because I have learned about pop art in the past and have enjoyed trying to mimic its elements and principles. The idea behind pop art is to be peculiar or send a serious message. In most pop art, there is a main picture or item that pops off the page more than the other aspects of the image or collage. Pop art normally is full of bright colors to make it “pop,” hence its name. Drexler originated her work in California and created many pieces using metal and wood to create sculptures alongside her love for pop art. The technologies of Drexler’s time (1950-1960’s) influenced her creative choices because during the 1950’s-1960’s, the idea behind pop art was to be noticed and have their artwork mean something. Artwork during this era suggested change or the artists wanted to send messages that can be interpreted differently, depending who is viewing it. Artwork allows each individual who sees it to feel different, every person has a different reaction to the same art piece. Pop art is known for bold imagery, bright colors, and being repetitive. Their choice of tools and materials affect the way I interpret the composition because pop art artists uses less balance in various works and uses more texture, sizes, and lines. The lines in The Dream are seen in the gorilla, the calligraphy that acts as a wall, and in the woman, who is laying on the floor of the image. Line and size, I feel, are the two biggest aspects of this art work, with color following in third because these elements are what makes the “pop art” look. The Dream reminds me of King Kong because there is a fairly giant angry-looking gorilla on the top of the image with a damsel in distress laying on the bottom of Drexler’s pop art image.

One artist that I am very familiar with is Andy Warhol. Warhol made many pieces that are considered pop art including one of his famous pieces, 32 Soup Cans (1962). I am fascinated with how pop art can have so many different meanings behind one work of art or can have only one clear message. At my first college, Utah Valley University, I had the opportunity to learn about pop art specifically and how a viewer can gather different messages from one art piece. Pop art influences generations because although some artwork defines an era, pop art culture never really goes out of style.

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