History of Collage & Photomontage Jenna Walker

Eugenia Loli is a California based artist. She infuses vintage photos while also creating fantasies out of them. Interestingly enough, Loli wasn’t always an artist, she originaly set out to be involved with technology which makes sense on how she is able to infused the vintage photos to create her art. The way she uses the shape, size, and direction creates something that is extremely unique. She sets out with a base photo and goes from there while trying to get a message across through them.

I think for Loli’s time she was creating a new world of pop art. Her work somewhat reminds me of Andy Warhol’s vibrant photos of ordinary items, like one of his most famous Campbell’s Tomato Soup pictures. Along the pop culture line, she sometimes doodles on her photos leaving it up to the audience to create their own interpretation. Majority of her creations have people smiling looking at the abstract backgrounds she has created, like birds, astronauts, and more. She also does an incredible job of creating different textures in her photos. In the photo I selected, there is a woman kneeling on a rock while that reminds of the beach but right across from her is the moon, rocks that are drastically different from a beachy scene, and a statue that looks to be made out of metal.

Loli’s collage is an interesting piece that always gives the audience something new to look at because overall, it doesn’t make sense. She gave this woman in the bottom left corner so much to look at and be appreciative of because it’s so unusual. Her work is considered to be forming vivid dreams, and as the audience I can grasp on to that idea perfectly.

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