History of Collage & Photomontage: Luke Schauble

Collage showing both the present, and where we might be in the future Photo by: John Turck from MyModernMet

Often times, art has the ability to be open-ended. In some works, the artist almost definitely left their creation to be open to multiple interpretations.  This piece of art, made by John Turck, most definitely is an example of that. Although I am only reviewing one of his pieces, it seems that he is the kind of artist that creates his collages with intent to make people think, or “scratch their head” if you will. Judging by the seamless blending and glowing features of the collage, I would guess to say that this image was created using digital tools. Along with that, this piece tells us more things about the artist. For example, John Turck must have been born relatively recently or is possibly still alive. With his obvious use of digital tools to help him create the image, along with the fairly high definition photo used at the bottom of the piece, we find evidence that this is true, as the technology to do the things previously listed has only been around for the last few decades. This piece also shows his ability to blend pop-art techniques, and more contemporary approaches seamlessly.

The way the piece is presented makes the person viewing it, to interpret it differently than most other collages, because of the way multiple styles are incorporated. First, it appears that the top half of the piece, was created using some sort of computer software. This is a great choice because this part of the collage has a more science fiction or futuristic tone to it. Using “futuristic” software to create a “futuristic” scene correlates perfectly. Like the top half, the bottom half does the same thing, however, in a different way. It shows a older age, more recognizable image of the man in a boat. This part was created using less sci-fi means in the form of a photograph. Also, the artist uses a line in the middle of the photograph, showing the divide between the present, and the future. All of these things make the collage very interesting to look at, however there is one part of the piece that stands out from the rest in my opinion. The artist uses the technique of contrast in this collage in a very interesting way. The part of the piece that is in the foreground, or laid on top, is the bottom part, or the more present image. In contrast, the more futuristic part of the piece is laid underneath, almost in the background. The line in the middle of the piece is jagged, in my opinion, showing how as our time in the present progresses, we begin to “eat away” or become more like the future. In other words, if the collage could move with time, eventually, the bottom half would eventually take up the whole image, showing that we are now in the future.

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