History of Collage & Photomontage: Issaya Saleumsay

I chose the collage by John Turck in the reading; Exploring the Cutting-Edge History and Evolution of Collage Art. I don’t know much about this artist, however after reading about his work and himself through the article; Intricately Handmade Collages Offer a Seamless View of Otherworldly Scenes, he tends to create all his collages by hand and only sticks to the genres of; pop culture, nature, and architecture. He does something unique with his collages, he cuts them out of newspapers and magazines, which isn’t out of the ordinary. When he spots something that catches his eye at the time, he cuts it out and files it for future collages he may create. The interesting part is that, he doesn’t know what he’s going to create going into the collage. He just slaps things together and sees what is going to come out of it. He makes sure that the collage is flowing and not just random things being added.

Turck’s main goal for his collages, are for them to look as if they were digitally created on the computer through Photoshop. His collages makes people that see his work, like they’re in a different place or in that place. It makes the viewers feel apart of a “surreal” world through the pop art, visuals, shapes, and different symbols.

Turck’s way of creating a collage is completely different from others that do this type of work. He’s able to use a computer like everyone else is, but he chooses to do it a different way which makes his work stand out from the other artists.

The fact that all of Turck’s collages are from magazines and newspapers are impressive. He uses direction in this collage amazingly. It can either start at the bottom going up or start at the top and work it’s way down. He uses a unique way of value in this collage, the way he creates the dark sky onto a burning world is amazing.

John Turck’s Collage Photo taken from Exploring the Cutting-Edge History and Evolution of Collage Art

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