History of Collage and Photomontage: Ashley Cole

John Turck is an artist from New York City who is really interest in creating images which are so seamlessly collaged that they appear to be real. He likes to create scenes which look real but are in fact surreal. He looks at pictures in various books and magazines to get inspiration for his collages. He also has a Tumblr account which showcases the variety of his amazing artwork.

I think that his creative choices have probably been influenced a lot by all of the media that is out in the world today. He says on his Tumblr account that he gets most of his inspiration from modern magazines and books. I would also argue that he probably gets a lot of ideas from watching tv as well as images on the internet and social media. These modes of inspiration would not have been possible during a time when most images were black and white. It is really amazing that he can look at all of the media around him and figure out how to make something spectacular out of it. He makes amazing art out of everyday images that most people would not even look twice at.

In this collage created by John Turck, we see an other-worldly perspective through the means of a seamless piece of art (John Turck, “My Modern Met”, 2015).

At first glance, some of John Turck’s compositions look as if they are actual pictures that he has taken. However, after taking a closer look, it becomes obvious to the viewer that this is in fact not possible. For example, the image to the left showcases a scene in which a man is rowing a boat through what looks like outer-space. This is obviously not possible; however, the image is so crisp that it is hard not to believe it for a split second. The middle of the image in which there is a planet seems to be the most dominating part of the work. This is true because of both the large size and bright color. I feel that—due to this dominating component residing in the middle of the image—it helps to balance out the image as a whole.

I never knew that it was possible to create a collage in which the various components were seamless. I thought that collages were simply newspaper or magazine clippings stuck to a page tied to some imaginary other-worldly meaning. The compositions of John Turck have really opened my eyes to the possibility that collages can be much more than this and they are in fact a legitimate form of art.

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