History of Collage & Photomontage: Liz Kurtz

A mixed media collage for a book cover by John Turck, 2015. https://www.turckcollage.com/product-page/booger

John Turck is a brilliant artist who dedicates his time to creating extravagant collages that mix nature with pop culture. Sometimes he adds architecture to his pieces in attempt to complicate the design. Turck is a great example of a collage artist, given that he often will scrap elements from magazines and books to inspire his design. This was probably inspired by the era in which he grew up and developed his idea of art. Magazines and books were a common form of entertainment before the prominent era of technology. With an everchanging mindset of ideas, Turck goes into a design with no real hard outline, he rather will play with elements until he feels its best fit to portray his concept.

Turcks’ goal is to take elements completely out of context and create a digitally seamless collage. His goal is to create a detailed and interesting collage that viewers enjoy to look at, as well as develop feelings in response to his piece. Many of Turck’s collages have a retro, “out of this world” perception. He is able to create this by uploading many various elements onto photoshop and combining them. Turck uses many examples of color as well as texture. However, arguably Turcks most famous element is his use of line. Many of his pieces have dramatic lines that encourage the viewers to follow which then allows eyes to travel all throughout his collage.

Turck’s use of various elements inspires his viewers to get exited about art and the limitless ability the artists truly have in creating an original piece. By using Photoshop, he is able to develop a personal style as well as the chance to make his design specifically as he pleases. Turck’s work appeals to me and has sparked as interest in pursuing his style of collages. I want to be able to create something enticing to look at, but also withholds a deeper meaning. This, I find in almost all of Turck’s work as well as many other artists. I am exited to being creating my collage, as I have found inspiration in Turck’s work as well as many other artists.

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