WSU Art Museum: Thomas Chiou

There were a lot of interesting, and unique artworks at the Museum of Art. Every artwork has its own story and meaning. The professor explains a lot of process and their inspiration on how the art was made and how it can be interpreted into different meaning and emotions. Some of the examples shown made us go up close in order to clearly see the artwork, I thought that was very interesting. I feel like the artist really wants the audience to be up and personal with their work. The artwork that caught my attention is the comic book “Apocalypse Dad” by Taylor Dow. The comic book has painful emotional feeling. It’s somewhat related to my typeface since I’m going for a similar theme of pain and being hurt. In my text analyze inspiration the song “River” by Eminem feature Ed Sheeran, it talks about manipulation, deception, and selfishness. The story details the struggles of a fallen relationship which result in abortion.

The Apocalypse Dad is about a dad in a post apocalyptic city looking for his daughter. He has a crowbar in his hand, and he uses that to break into houses to look for his daughter. You can see his pain of losing his daughter, and of being alone. He smashes widows, lifting rocks checking if she’s under it like a bug.  His desperation can be seen on his face and his action. While searching for his daughter, he continues calling her in different nicknames like “My little peanut” or “My bundle of joy” which can be creepy and a little bit of possessive. He looks like a man that just lost his mind, wondering aimlessly looking for something. However, I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose the person that you love the most. I too will be desperate if I lose someone important to me.

A Dad

Apocalypse Dad- Taylor Dow


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