WSU Art Museum: Kathleen Zimmerman

Book Cover: Oodles of Doodles: and Assorted Sketcharoos by Tom Vandeusen. 2012-2014

I chose a book called Oodles of Doodles: and Assorted Sketcharoos by Tom Vandeusen. It stood out to me immediately because of how artistic it was. Although it is mainly a book of sketches there are text elements to the book. The text is unique and definitely mimics the art in the book. I liked how the text worked together with the artwork since this is what we are going to try to achieve when we make the posters for our text. The text in this material looked organic and handmade, not modular. The fonts have irregularities which make sense since it was created by hand.

The organic feeling of this material is useful for my design because I am trying to create a design that is organic, yet still somewhat modular as well. There are actually different types of fonts in the book that the author has created himself. The font used to write the word BENTLY reminded me of my ideas for my font since it is all uppercase and wide.

Sketches in the book. Two different fonts are depicted.

I also really liked the book cover which uses graphics in the title as well as upper case letters. The title also has a good distribution of heavy and lightweight which makes it really effective. The black circles and squares anchor the font well. Tom’s fonts are very artistic which works well with his book since it showcases his art. This piece of material is useful for my font design because I am looking to make it more artistic and think outside of the box. Since I am designing my font around summertime and the beach, I want it to have a handmade, natural feel while still creating it in Adobe Illustrator. I need to experiment more with Adobe Illustrator as well as get feedback in class so that my final font exemplifies my source text well, like this book showcases.



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