WSU Art Museum: Daniel Kim

Art done by Nancy Chunn Taken: Washington State University’s Art Museum

The following piece was done by artist Nancy Chunn and the piece was meant to depict the content of individual news articles from The New York Times using visual representations. I, personally believe that this article is relevant to myself because the biggest problem I have ran into is how I am going to visually represent my own typeface. The use of visuals, in this case symbols, on this news paper really helps me grasp a better idea on how I should design my visual. Through this newspaper I also noticed that the “New York Times” typeface has a similar structure to my own, but my own typeface lacks a strong structure. By using this piece I was able to “stabilize” the look of my font and I was also able to change some letters completely due to some inspiration. The structure of the type that Nancy uses is extremely basic, but it get’s the point through and this also slightly changed how my letters looked because I was over-killing on the “pretty” aspect rather than the “effective” aspect. Also, by taking out the crazy lines and curves, the space, in between letters when in words, do not look so wide and awkward. So, I took away a lot of unnecessary curves and lines that may skew the look of the individual letters. I also changed the rule for the letter “I” and made other exceptions because I noticed the letters “J” in the word “just” and “I” in the word “girls” were smaller widths than the rest of the typeface and I was having an issue with making the letter “I” because I was trying to make it the same size as the other letters. The use of different colors also helped influence a new idea for my type. Originally, I was going to go for a solid black typeface, but after seeing how the colors also represent the articles along with the type inspired me to make my letters a little thicker for possible color use.

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