WSU Art Museum: Cody Li

The individual pages that were drawn by different artists in the Dunes comic books were very interesting to me. Being able to see two different artists on two pages right next to one another was what caught my attention the most, being able to see the difference in style and seeing how one’s approach to the drawings is what brands it as their own style. It’s also fascinating, in that there is no theme as to what the the artists are limited to, so being able to see what the comic book artists drew to represent themselves in a single page was pretty interesting. I also really enjoyed the concept behind the Dunes comic books; how they’re usually done in bar settings, where artists have some beers and food whilst their drawing these pages during the event – which is then all compiled together to form editions.

“Dune Vs. Pizza” from one of the Dune comic book

In this one page from one of the Dunes comic books, It really caught my attention because it was something that I wanted to go for. The artist incorporates the words ‘DUNE VS PIZZA’ into his page, but the font choice that he chose to design the words in have a sense of incorporation with his overall artwork. I also want to approach my type face design, in that it has a sense of accordance with the movie itself. I would say this page helped influence as to how I should go about approaching my typeface. Seeing the balance between the artwork and his lettering, as well as the way he had positioned some artwork in the foreground of the letters and some in the background; it gave me a sense of direction as to how I might approach my poster design.

Gnartoons’ page in the Dunes comic book

Another example from that I felt did a great job of incorporating text style with their artwork, was this page. The artwork overall had very rounded, elongated shapes (nose, tongue, face, etc.). The bolded text themselves are also rounded like that of the drawings, which also give similarity to that sense of accordance. This page also helped influence as to how I should look for some common characteristic throughout the movie I chose, and how to incorporate those dominate characteristics into my typeface.

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