Design Blog #7: WSU Art Museum

Andy Warhol created this replication of a receipt he got from the liquor store.

The recreation of one of Andy Warhol receipts for the liquor store was interesting because he is such a famous artist and it seems so simple but his work usually has more meaning. I thought the various typefaces was interesting and I thought the way the red lettering stands out could possibly relate to my typeface. I cannot have multiple fonts in my poster, but I think that I want to have the colors in my font that contrast well with a white or black background.

I also enjoy the difference between the handwritten letters versus the printed letters because it gives the authentic feel to the receipt. The thing I most enjoy about this piece is that raises the questions of why he made this and why did he choose a liquor receipt? I would like to hope my typeface and poster can combine to raise questions like these when I am finished.

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