WSU Art Museum: Hansen

During our trip to the WSU Art Museuem I was intrigued by a work that depicted Andy Warhol in a relatively sardonic, clinical fashion.


The photo is stylized almost like an old school anatomy diagram, with arrows pointing to each part of his body and then a brief description or anecdote related to said body part. This inspired me to think more critically about the anatomy of my type design, and how each choice I make could be justified in the context of my overall vision. Using this “anatomy and loose description” model has helped me connect my abstract ideas of what I would like my design to embody to what it actually could look like. It also helped me when figuring out what method I was going to use to create my type.

This also helped me with figuring out whether my design was more modular or organic. I wanted to create a design that organically reflected this fictional world which it was inspired by, but the world itself has a heavy and historical focus on modular, technological design.  In order to attempt to compromise this I used a breadboard to develop the letters, which provided a good skeleton and structure for me to test out ideas upon.

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