Organic/Geometric: Samuel Jonsson

The purpose of this logo redesign is to apply it to a new wide range of mediums. The new logo was designed for free from a London based brand agency called The Partners. Tusk is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the African wild life.

The first logo is natural and representational. A silhouetted Africa stands behind the name and purpose of the non-profit organization. It’s made very clear for the audience what the purpose of this logo is. It’s considered a natural design because the organization copied the shape of an existing continent (there was no creative component = no geometry). This logo seems practical for their website or plain t-shirt.

The new logo is geometric and abstract. The straight lines and perfect circles are all that make up this logo creating its own new pattern. This new pattern is both geometric and traditional because a lot of the influence for this came from traditional African patterns (the colors also compliment the text accordingly to these traditions). There is not one curvy line in this composition, even the “s” is only made of straight lines.

I love the new logo because it’s not just a sticker for a company but also a palette for all sorts of different patterns and backgrounds for the company. Just take a look trough this. This logo is considered abstract because the letters are subtle and hidden and this is even further emphasized in the pattern.

As explained through the first logo, TUSK is a non-profit organization made for the conservation of African wildlife. So in a literal sense, the first logo makes a whole lot of sense but if you contemplate the numerous ways that a non-profit advertises a company then the second logo seems more practical because of its compatibility with cars, backgrounds and clothing. The second logo has transcended from its initial use as a logo and has become the entire identity for the organization.

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