Organic/Geometric: Alex Hagen

The old “Nordwind Airlines” logo

I chose this logo for the company “Nordwind Airlines” because of the striking design differences between the Before and After images of the company logo. This is an airliner based in Russia with a fleet of over 20 planes flying to destinations within Russia and Europe. Their old logo wasn’t striking enough and definitive enough for the company, saying that it “…wasn’t very exciting or confidence-inducing.” Their decision for a new logo came from wanting a logo that more clearly identified them.


The new and improved “Nordwind Airlines” logo, designed by UMA

The new logo, designed by a company called UMA, drops the airplane tail graphic and instead uses an “N” monogram as the centerpiece behind the design. It contains “a bold combination of round corners and sharp angles and the extra wide structure is very airline-ish, as is the italic bent”, meaning that the new “N” seems like a representational of airlines themselves. The company seemed to use the same general sans serif through both iterations of the logo, but it seems more thin and streamlined in the after photo. Though both before and after logos were very geometric in style, the sharp lines and regularity of the shapes and font of the second logo lend themselves to a more definite geometric appeal. I think that while the regularity and the sharpness with which this representational logo is constructed seem somewhat sterile in nature, it definitely lends itself to a professional appeal.


The effect of the new logo is striking and definitely is more appealing than the first version. People who glance at this logo are left with a feeling of quiet professionalism and efficiency, both valued attributes in an airliner. In fact, looking at some of the mock-up designs for airplanes themselves definitely seemed like an improvement over the old design, with bolder lines and colors giving the new designs visual appeal. I definitely agree with the designs for the new logo and believe that the reasoning behind the changes is sound. The new logo is an embodiment of the values that Nordwind was trying to promote.

The mock-up design of the old and new logos on airplanes

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