Organic/Geometric: Lexi Day

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.55.08 AM

The old logo for the U.S Ski and Snowboard team, found on Brand New 

For this blog post, I have chosen to look at the old and new logo for the U.S Ski and Snowboard group and team. For the old logo, it was very plain and didn’t convey what the logo was about. Without knowing about the U.S Ski and Snowboard team, I would have assumed the old logo was for a more professional type company or government agency. The yellow gold color seemed a bit outdated as well. In terms of organic and geometric, I would say the old logo was leaning more toward organic as the text was italicized and the red/gold/blue design underneath was more “fish shaped” and doesn’t have any straight lines. For abstract or representational, the before photo would go under abstract. It has nothing to do with any real world images, and instead just serves to create more depth to the words and ingrain “American colors” into the design. When the before design was made, I assume the designer was attempting to create something minimalist by using only the acronym, while also incorporating the traditional red and blue colors, as well as a gold to possibly signify winning (like an Olympic gold medal).


Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.22.58 PM

The new logo for the U.S Ski and Snowboard team created by the Nike Senior Strategic Advisor, found on Snowboard Unveils New Brand 

For the new logo, it has a much more modern and cleaner feel. The purpose of the logo (to represent the ski and snowboard team for the Olympics) is clear and whomever is looking at the logo will be able to understand what it stands for. The logo is more geometric, due to the square triangle. The mountain inside also represents the winter teams, and the darker blue color works better than the lighter blue on the old logo. The red color doesn’t seem to have changed. This logo would lean toward representational, as the mountain part of the logo is an easy recognizable part of nature/object, as well as the stars over the mountain, meant to represent patriotism. I think the designer made the choice to change the logo in part for the upcoming winter Olympic game, and also to give it a more contemporary design.

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