Organic/Geometric: Caleb McEnderfer

This is the original logo for the company Boodle and they provide short-term loans.

Boodles rebranded their companies image in 2011 and that included changing the logo. The original logo was geometric and very straightforward in what their company was about, which is provide short-

This is Boodle’s new logo and they re-branded their displays because it was outdated and naive visual language. Designed by Xfacta and this was the project page

term loans and the logo has a kid dragging a bag of money. The lettering is also on a straight line and in the new logo, the lettering is staggered to give it a more organic look. The new logo also creates a little cyclops character called “boo” that is part of their rebranding and the avatar is there to assist online. I think the “boo” avatar is much better than the kid dragging the money because the new logo makes a character suttle and it looks clean compared to the kid with multiple colors.

Boodle makes their new logo and brand more simplistic and clean by using just the color orange and black/white. Using multiple colors can make a logo look confusing and may distract the audience from the title. I think the new logo is more abstract than the original by creating the Boo avatar and the original was more representational because of the bag of money the kid is dragging around represents the money aspect of their company. I think the designer made this more abstract and organic because the logo feels more modern and I think they achieve the idea of less is more with their logo. Their new logo does not relate as much to what their company is about comparing to their old logo, which was straightforward with the money bag. There new branding and logo does a good job of simplifying their logo and making it stand out more.

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