Organic/Geometric: Jacob Granneman

While observing the redesigned logos on the Brand New site, there exists a clear trend: simplicity. The ultimate goal for these modern redesigns is to simplify the old designs and sharpen the overall style. The most prominent way they accomplish this is by creating a more geometric look for many of these logos. The older styles of rounded, bubbly, elementary shapes, gave a sense of juvenileness, and potential immaturity. The addition of the more angular, symmetrical typefaces and shapes, gives things a more refined look.

It’s clear that the organic look is not appreciated in today’s branding world, at least, not in large doses. There are small areas where more “scripty” fonts and characters are used, but even they are surrounded by geometry that screams modern simplicity.

For many logos, the change gives the design a more representational meaning. In the Skype logo, for example, the switch to a cleaner corporate typeface became representative of the Microsoft brand, and tied the video chat program to other interfaces, like Word and Excel.

Many of these companies are trying to stand for a sense of trustworthiness. They want you to be loyal to them. Thus, these new designs emote a sense of professionalism that the previous designs often lacked. In essence, many of these logos are growing up. The days of free flowing, hand drawn logos, that look like your grade schooler drew them in art class, are gone. This site shows that we are ushering in the era of sharp, clean, often geometric design.

About Jacob Granneman

Jacob has been the Multimedia Editor for The Clark College Independent. He is also an improvisational actor and enjoys all forms of writing and videography. Find more of his work at or at
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