Organic/Geometric: Abby Larson

This logo redesign for Sabra, a hummus company, is still very similar to the before image, but with some major and minor improvements. The old logo is much more organic than geometric, the stokes are less uniform and the line underneath is seemingly arbitrary. The orange circle is clearly representing a sun. In the new logo, the font is much more geometric and uniform. The strokes are all even throughout the image.


“A custom Sabra wordmark keeps the playful “musicality” of the previous version while adding a bolder impression,” designed by New York, NY-based Beardwood&Co for Sabra®

The sun in the new logo however, is very different from the old logo. It is much more abstract in the new logo. There are parts of this shape that are reminiscent of a plant, or a lightbulb, and these variations lead to different interpretations for different audiences. The color in this shape is also much richer than the old sun icon.

I think the designer made these choices to give the design an overall sleeker feeling. Also, this design incorporates uniformity among all the different shapes and strokes.

The company is a hummus company, but they also market flavored hummus, and pretzel cups. The redesign of their logo is intentional. The colors make it seem earthy, but the design makes it more modern, which is appealing to younger audiences.

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