Color Interaction: Joshua Murphy

USSsteal – 1961 by Syd Mead. Syd Mead is a visual futurist artist. The image was found on flickr posted by James Vaughan with a creative common license of CC2.0

The image that I have chosen is USSsteal by Syd Mead to demonstrate color. Retro Futurism has always captured my interest because of the color palettes that are used to make the accents in the image pop and contrast. The color scheme that I see in this image is very interesting, you see the bright colors created by the nature and the darker grey and browns of the man made cars and structures. The reason that he made the bright colors so vivid is to make the modern sleek darker colors pop and contrast against the bright nature. In the image you can see yellows, oranges, greens, and reds that all appear to be over saturated to make the colors have that radiant look to them. The accent colors can be seen as complimentary, we were showing in “Graphic Design: The New Basic” that red, green and yellow work as complimentary colors. The reds of the hedges, the green from the leaves, and the yellows of the shirts.

Looking more at the darker colors now and how they act with the brighter colors of the people and plants. You can see in the foreground colors, the darkness of the tree framed on the right side with the grey rocks. You can also note the white of the left hand tree paired with the dark car in the image. The foregrounds darker and less vivid colors squish the bright colors between its self and the background of the grayish  brown buildings. By doing this it gives more meaning to the garden in the middle. Making the garden stand out more and be viewed as a sort of garden of Eden.

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