Color Interaction: Isabella Troiani

A photo by Stephen Bowler on flickr. This shows a range of colors working together.

When thinking about interaction of color, I immediately imagined the hues of nature. This photo shows how colors often work together in nature. The photo is highly saturated so we see each color in its full intensity. The purple flowers are the first thing that pop out to the audience not only because of the intensity of their color but also because of the way it is propped against its secondary color of the same intensity, green. Purple and green could also be called near complementary colors instead of secondary colors. Although there are no complementary colors, the secondary/near complementary colors next to each other emphasize the flowers and grass, working in juxtaposition with one another.

The photo is more contrasted than it would be if, say, the purple flowers were next to the blue sky, because the two hues are so close to each other on the color wheel. In fact, the greens and purples are both created from the primary color, blue, that is seen in the sky. The sky itself is made of lighter tints of pink and blue, which contrasts the hues of the plants in the photo because the plants are much darker shades. The lighter tints also work to balance the photo so that each aspect is not fighting for our attention. The upper sky colors reflect the colors of the flowers on the ground while the dark trees work almost as a barrier to split the photo into two different planes. The dark value of the trees also helps balance the image, so that not each color is intense and once again fighting for our attention.

The photo itself has a very calming, serene feel to it because most of the colors used are cool colors. This shows how colors work to instill emotions in us.

About isabellatroiani

A 20 year-old student who loves all things food, art, and travel.
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