Color interaction: Jen Ladwig

This is a photo I took of a painting I got from a French street artist in Paris., This photo demonstrates the effects of using colors with similar temperatures to create a warm overall feel.

I selected this photo because it shows how a similarity in temperature, intensity and value of hues affect the overall feel of an image. Intensity is the brightness or dullness of a color. Most of the colors featured in this image are medium in intensity. They are pastel, which is typically created when the colors are mixed with white. Mixing white and black is how you affect the intensity of a color, and thus affecting the saturation of the color. The colors are all of medium saturation, none are so bright that they draw your eyes to them immediately. The image employs pretty much every color on the wheel, it seems, but for the most part the colors that are paired together are analogous. The colors are all of a similar warm temperature, except for the upper-most part of the sky and the water. The sky and water are much cooler colors than the rest of the painting. This makes sense, considering the typical perceived colors of those two structures are cool. It is also interesting that the cool colors are at the very top and bottom of the image, giving the image a nice frame. The warm, pastel colors in the center third of the image are sandwiched between the cool top and bottom thirds. The top and bottom of the image also engages the theme of value. The image for the most part has a lot of lightness and brightness to it, but the darker pieces of the water, sky and roofs help to anchor the image, giving it some depth and help to show your eyes where to set on the image.

About Jen Ladwig

Hello world! Jen here. I am a sophomore at Washington State University, I am pursuing a degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism and media production. The goal is to get a global studies minor as well as fluency in French. I currently work as an editor at WSU's school paper, The Daily Evergreen, which I have come to realize is a job I'd love to do for the rest of my life. If I could have it my way, I would write or edit at a newspaper or magazine that had a global reach. Although I am still figuring things out, I know one thing; journalism is my calling. I have many hobbies, the most prominent of which are writing, tennis, and spending time with friends. Fun fact, I don't like to play games, so no video games or board games for me. This blog is for my Com 210 class, as a platform to post different multimedia projects we create throughout the semester.
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