Color Interaction: Alex Hagen

This butterfly sitting on a flower is my example of color interaction. I was not able to find any information about this photograph, but I retrieved it from this site.

Color is all around us; nearly everything that we can see or touch has color. Good use of color goes beyond making a composition eye-catching or pretty to look at – designers use color to emphasize, to detract, to highlight, and to hide. It can direct our view, or even play tricks on us! Though our perception of colors and the emotions they evoke in us change from culture to culture, basic terms of color theory and the relationships between colors are held as constant throughout the world.

For my photo, I used an image of a butterfly sitting on a flower in front of a blurred background. Interest in this photo is generated by the crystal clear focus on the subjects (butterfly on the flower) compared to the background, which is represented in mere shades of color. This photo is also a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of using analogous colors in photographs: the various hues of yellow to orange and green lie next to each other on the color wheel, giving a satisfying and pleasant spectrum of green > orange > yellow in various hues. The large amount of green in the photo offsets the bright yellow and orange of the petals and the wings, giving more emphasis on these aspects of the photo. The colors of the background in this image are lower in value, giving them a darker color than the objects in the foreground, which are lighter in color. I like this photo a lot because of the emotions it evokes; the temperature of this image seems warm and inviting and makes someone feel somewhat blissful or happy just looking at it.


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