Color Interaction: Jocelyn Urias Castro

I found this picture in Flickr. To see the rights of this photo click here.

This photo of a painting in a building is the perfect exemplar of fully saturated paining with desaturated colors around them. The wall has a lot of different strong colors such as bright red, blue, orange, pink, purple, and green, that look like sun rays that comes from this couple in the Victory Over Japan Day that was in August 14, 1945, where a guy grabbed the first girl he saw and kissed her infant of everyone. This picture itself being so popular because of the characters, attracts a lot the attention, and now even more for the saturated colors it was made of. The white color that shapes around them makes the painting be brighter because is next to some really saturated colors. As we can see around that building, the other colors are more desaturated than saturated because they are calm colors without brightness and energy on it, these colors are dark orange, beige, grey, and black. This makes the rainbow colors of the painting be way more visible for people looking at this picture because it is also right on the middle, but the brightness and amount of color used for this painting makes it be more interesting to see than what is around them. For me, the thing that comes to my eyes first is the couple itself because of the white shape it has, even thought is has some really pretty colors around. The real intention of making this painting so colorful was to have the attention of everyone really quick and I think it really worked. Also being right in the street and where people can see it so easy has a lot that influence on it. This picture even made my eyes close a little bit because of all the saturation it has, it makes me think that was edited in some kind of program online.

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