Color Interaction: Bryan Duran

IMG_0401 (2)

Painting is called “Color Patterns”  by artist Nancy Colella. It is a 12×12 oil on canvas painting. 

As mentioned in the book, color can convey a mood, describe a reality, or codify information. Now I understand why many people say that “color is the most relative medium in art.” Color can interact with one another and change our perspective.

The Image I chose is called “Color Patterns” by Artist Nancy Colella. It is a 12×12 oil canvas painting. I choose this piece because I have always liked oil paintings since I was a kid. At first I didn’t think much of this painting, until I stumbled on the artist and did some research on her. Nancy is a full time oil painter and her focus on all of her pieces is to say as much as possible with a few “well placed” brushstrokes as possible. I really admire an artist who truly knows her colors and knows how to make the painting speak to someone with very well placed brushstrokes as possible.

As you can see on the painting, the artist knows how to place colors next to each other. They all compliment each color and help the painting stand out. Nancy used primary colors and secondary colors to help her painting stand out. In my opinion all the colors compliment each other in a certain way. This image stands out to me because Nancy was able to make the painting be simple yet complicated. When you see this painting you can tell that there are two ladies sitting down on chairs with what I want to say either purses or some kid of item. I like to think that they are sitting on the beach. The background is sand color and both of the ladies have sun hats on.

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