Color Interaction: Daniel Kim

Art by Nahyoung Wooh. The concept of this image was to recreate a fairy tale character into Korean style art.

There are many colors used inside this image to portray and express a certain environment. The woman character, Snow White, is dressed in primary colorsHer long skirt is yellow, top jacket is blue, and her accessories mainly consist of red. These colors may have high contrast from each other, but they are balanced because of how they used to colors. The clothing on Snow White is also very intense compared to the rest of the image. The rest of the image holds low intensity, but this low intensity color scheme creates a relaxing mood. While Snow White uses contrast to make her character’s mood, she changes the colors and how she uses them for the animals and the background. The background and characters consist of very close shades, I would even argue the color concept is analogous. When looking at Snow White and the background one may notice the background begins to diminish because the colors are not as bright and vibrant. The tan(ish) background also gives more value to Snow White because it helps clearly outline that she is the focus point in the image. The base of the trees show signs of saturation because the brown/tan is slightly fading into gray.


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