Color Interaction: Cody Li

Color has such a huge impact when it comes to looking at an image. Color can help in directing a viewer’s eye, color can help with making certain parts of the image stand out more than the rest, color can play mind tricks, and much more.

This is a photo taken by SteveCampbell, of an abandoned railway station in Australia. Link to the original image.

In the image that I chose, a majority of the scene is filled with different shades of green; the amount of foliage and plants are what fills the environment. The picture also displays analogous colors; there’s a spectrum of hues that range from dark green > light green > yellow green> yellow > brown. A little off set from the center is pitch black, the tunnel in which light is unable to reach. The black color gives the tunnel that sort of ominous and eerie feel to it, it’s a huge contrast to the environment that’s right next to it. The lighthearted vibes that come from the surrounding vegetation reflects that of peacefulness and calmness. Which is why I find this image so interesting. The harsh contrast between the intimidating dark tunnel and the saturated setting offsets one another.

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