Color Interaction: Lauren Campanella

Greece Travel Guide. National Geographic Travel. (30 December, 2009).

I pulled this picture from the National Geographic Travel website. Not only is it beautiful, but it captures the hillside of Santorini at sunset. Looking at the white/tan building there is a lot of color contrast between that and the rounded roof tops. While blue and white/tan aren’t analogous colors it still creates vibrant and noticeable difference. The tan versus the white on certain buildings are analogous just because they are of a lighter color and would be sitting closer together on the color wheel. The difference in those colors didn’t catch my eye as quick as the blue and red did. This is why I think they are closer in color (analogous).

Even the little red building at the top right corner contrasts the rest of the picture. It is used to intensify the rest of the bright and bold colors like the blues and the bit of yellow in the background (these three colors make up the primary color wheel). The sunset and island in the background have more of a saturated value to it. It’s a soft pink that fades up into a white. This is due to a variation of a hue produced by the addition of white according to “Graphic Design: The New Basics”.



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