Color Interaction:Thomas Chiou


Amazing-Sylvain Sarraih  Illustration commissioned by MrSuicideSheep for the music video “Need You”feat. Dia Frampton by Illenium Art work link :  video link:

This illustration artwork is done by the artist Sylvain Sarrailh. The artwork commissioned by “MrSucidedSheep” for a music video, the song is called “Need you” (feat. Día Frampton) by Illenium. The song and the artwork match well together. Color, just like music, can convey emotions, or mood. The song is sad but beautiful. The orange color of the sunset can give the audience/listener (in this case) an emotional happy feeling. The color orange reflects warmth, which can be light and playful. It’s not as intense or aggressive as red. But It can either help people feel relax and stabilizes emotion or it can excite them. Just like the color in this art piece, the song also has the beats that excite the listener, and the melody to for a deeper emotion.

In this illustration, orange is emphasized, to show the beauty of the sunset. On the upper right, the cloud color has the tint of hues orange, to create the light and mellow tone. However, on the upper left the cloud color has the shades of the hues orange, with a little bit of orange-red. That implies the more excited mood. It looks like the two are colliding, with the combination in the middle, which can give the reader a mixed feeling of both excited, and relaxed. The black of the mountains creates a contrast with the white cloud on the bottom, and the orange cloud on the top. Just like a real sunset, where the sun meets, the color seems brighter and more intense. The clouds on the bottom with the mountains are much darker, and with much more saturation.

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