Color Interaction: Ana Giles

Colorful Italian architecture that shows the relationship between analogous color.

I decided I wanted to show an image of a colorful Italian home, because I know that there is a lot of colorful architecture there, and I knew there would be one that fit what this chapter is talking about. I especially liked this particular house/block because the colors were analogous but still had a good variation. The striped building in the middle has colors that are on the same spectrum, with the orangy-red and dark yellow complimenting each other nicely. The yellow that is featured in the striped building is a much darker hue than the pale yellow of the building that is right next to it. You could even argue that the striped building makes the pale yellow building look even lighter than it might actually be in contrast to it’s darker neighbor. The burnt red building to the left cooler toned, even for a red, compared to the orangy-red stripes to the right. The front and side of the striped building even have varying value, darker on the side and lighter value on the front, depending on how the light is hitting it.

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