Color Interaction: Abby Larson

GIF Ad for Microsoft to share “the benefits of pairing Microsoft accessories with Microsoft premium devices.” (Click image to visit source)

This ad campaign that was created for Microsoft was designed by a company called DoubleKnot Creative that is owned by a friend of my family. The two images were originally designed to be a .gif, which indicates that this ad is made to be viewed on a screen. In addition to this ad, there are also two other variations, including a marshmallow paired with a campfire, and a treasure chest paired with an old map.

The highly saturated and bright hues in the first image contrast beautifully with the muted and classic colors seen in the second image. This seemingly basic design actually has lots of complex components of design within it. The eye is drawn to the bold, sans-serif text and the brilliant red next to it.

The bright white rabbit contrasts beautifully with the red square behind it, as does the dark hat against the light green square. Not only do the objects within the squares contrast with these colors, but the squares themselves are complementary to each other.

This color pairing only adds to the shade, tint, and saturation disparity between the two images. The shading within the hat and rabbit icons themselves add to the depth of these graphics too. On the rabbit’s stomach and in the ears and bottom side of the tail, you can see that there is a slightly darker and bluer shade than the overall color of the rabbit. This slight modification of intensity really changes the feeling of these icons.

On the top hat, the lighter tint in the vertical stripe gives the illusion of depth and roundness to the bottom part of the graphic. In addition, the darker shading that is underneath the brim of the hat, parallel to the highly saturated red stripe, creates a shadow, adding to this illusion of depth within the icon. These variations in value add deepness and subtle detail to these otherwise basic images.

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