Colour Interaction: Jacob Granneman

This graphic was pulled from a list of notable designs inspired by space and space travel. The creator of the work, Tom Anders Watkins, was inspired by the low-orbit jump made by Felix Baumgartner.

In the color-filled design at right, there are many basic reasons responsible for the success of the scheme used. For starters, the colorful rounded oblongs our astronaut is falling through are comprised of complimentary colors. The darker shades of red, compliment the darker shades of blue/purple. At the same time, the lighter shades of red/salmon, compliment the lighter shades of blue. The variations of saturation and hue also provide a gradient-like effect where the background colors look as if they are moving past the astronaut. Furthermore, the overlapping of the colors allows for the complimentary effect to come out in full force. In essence, the colors are greatly intensified because of the proximity of the counterparts. It is a visual mind game, as the different wave lengths of light, ride together; juxtaposed in perfect contrast.

The aspect of this particular design that is most successful however, is the strategic variation in value, or tone. As mentioned, the existence of lighter and darker shades of the same colors, allows for a stunning gradient effect. The lighter oblongs have had their tint altered to increase their luminance, thus creating a much more striking contrast to the darker oblongs. These have had there shade altered, to produce a color more deprived of vibrance, with the gradual introduction of more black. In addition to this, the overall design involves contrasting temperatures within its color scheme. Moreover, there exists a pattern of sorts, in which the warmer temptress give way to cooler, which then give way to warmer, and so on and so fourth. The repetition suggests a linear progress in space, as the eye moves down the graphic. This gives the illusion that there may be hotter and colder elements in this celestial scene, and ultimately makes for a stronger message.

About Jacob Granneman

Jacob has been the Multimedia Editor for The Clark College Independent. He is also an improvisational actor and enjoys all forms of writing and videography. Find more of his work at or at
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