Color Interaction: Travis Thomas

This is a design made by Ramotion that I found on Dribbble called Bled Lake Illustration Print. This photo shows how the use of color can add a lot to a design.

This is an example of color that I found on the website Dribbble. This example, although seemingly simple, has some very complex color element that gives the simple design a lot of dimension and detail making it immensely more appealing to the eye. When looking at the design the complementary colors that are used as the main focus of the design are brown and blue. These colors allow the castle to stand out from the background because the brown create an appealing contrast to the various blue hues in the background. There are multiple hues in the design for both of the main complementary colors that give the design more detail. The various shades of brown in the design create the direction of sunlight on the building by creating light areas and shadow areas giving dimension. The different shades and saturation of the brown hue are also used to create detail on the building as well as in the background. There are a lot more colors used in the background that are part of an analogous color scheme off the original blue used as a complement to the brown on the castle. These various colors are used to create a foreground and a background in the background itself. The water in front of the castle, although very similar in design, is easily distinguishable from the water behind the castle because lighter shades of the blue hue are used for the water in the front. Different levels of tint, saturation, and shade are what create the different hues of blue in the background and are what create the detail. The lighter hues are used next to the darker hues on the rolling hills behind the castle to create subtle strips on the hills. As you get farther and farther back, the difference in the hues of blue is smaller making it harder to distinguish the lines from the hills giving the effect of “fading into the distance”. Also, the colors that are used on the castle, island, and sailboat are generally more vibrant to create a focal point in the design by using contrast form the background. Overall the color scheme in this design is what makes it interesting and appealing to the eye. Without the strategic use of color this design would not have the same effect on the viewer due to its simplistic nature.

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